Let me tell you what a Tony Robbins Event feels like…

The auditorium is darkened and you can hear the nervous chatter of over 5,000 people.  You can feel the anticipation crackling in the ear.  Then – the tunes of a bass-boosted rock beat washes over you and Tony explodes on to the stage. His signature smile challenges you to meet his intensity level. You can feel the energy just rolling off this guy – and then… He speaks.

You are locked into a breathless trance.  You find yourself jumping to your feet, pumping your fists, scribbling notes, laughing, screaming and even crying. Tony has you. His voice has taken you to another place – and you can’t get enough.

Do you want this power too?

Who wouldn’t! Let me tell you that secret I mentioned before… You can buy Tony’s clothes.  You can create the same on-stage drama.  You can even imitate his hand gestures down to the last finger wiggle. But you won’t get anywhere close to Tony – unless you can pump raw energy and hypnotic tones into your VOICE.

Here’s the kicker.

Tony didn’t always have this vocal power.  He struggled with his voice just like you.  In fact, many celebrities with silky smooth vocals started off “hating their voices”… …and they all called on one Vocal Coach to transform their “problem”  into vocal works of art. My name is Roger Love and Tony himself swears, “With Roger Love, you too have the opportunity to learn from a truly amazing vocal master.” Want to give it a try? Click “Play” below and I will personally give you a voice lesson via video for free.  You’ll get a sample of the exact same experience and expert instruction that Reese Witherspoon, Jeff Bridges and Anthony found so valuable…

How do you feel? Do you see how small changes in the tone, power and expressiveness of your voice can build instant rapport and authority?

Think about how successful your next meeting or presentation could be with these new skills?

Imagine being able to stand-up and forcefully state your case without wondering how your voice sounds.

How great would it be to not cringe every time you hear yourself on tape?

Can you see the look in a romantic partner’s eyes as they hang on to every word you say over a candle lit dinner?

Your voice is the ticket. But, like any other skill – it needs to be refined.

The good news is that there isn’t a voice on the planet that can’t be turned into a powerful asset with the right coaching.

In fact, I’ve made my living helping a growing list of celebrities, business leaders and everyday people achieve their goals using their voices.

I want to do the same for you with the Voiceplace Academy –

The First Online “Academy”
Dedicated to Giving You the Voice of A Leader

Let me tell you how Voiceplace Academy came to be…

For years, I’ve been an on-site consultant for top celebrities. Whenever a client has an emergency or an important event they call me and I show up ready to go to work. Based on having only 24 hours a day, my current clientele has me fully booked.

The problem is that my real passion is helping ordinary people use their talents to achieve extraordinary goals. I know that a powerful voice is a critical tool. Unfortunately, most people will never have the opportunity to be trained by a professional voice coach and I’m unable to help everyone on a one-on-one basis. There just isn’t enough time in the day!

However, Internet technology is finally at the point where it’s easy to deliver an interactive and engaging vocal training program online! This means I can offer my services to a handful of people without the time and expense of an in-person appointment.

It’s a win-win solution. Now, anyone can transform their voice into their favorite “asset” and I can continue to help deserving people achieve their goals.

It get’s better.

I’ve seen that the best way to get immediate results is to surround my clients with all of the tools they need to succeed. This includes audios, books, voice lessons and drills, and regular follow-ups.

You’ll need the same.

That’s why I’ve taken the best of what I’ve ever taught and made it available in a special online club, “Voiceplace Academy”.

Here’s the deal.

Voiceplace Academy takes my most powerful coaching and vocal training methods and gathers them together into an interactive learning environment.

When you enroll in the Voiceplace Academy you gain access to my entire vocal coaching arsenal. Your name will join Reese Witherspoon, Anthony Robbins, Suze Orman, Glenn Beck, Tyra banks and Collin Farrell on my list of students.

This is what Voiceplace Academy students get each month:

  • VIP Access to special Online Video Lessons showing you specific techniques used by blockbuster celebrities and I give you daily vocal excercises to shape and enhance the power of your voice.
  • My Private Conference Line so you can join other Academy members in an interactive voice session. I will listen to your voice and give you specific pointers on how you can make immediate improvements.
  • A ticket to one of my live events like “The Voice of Success”.

Taken together, you’re holding a life changing genie in a bottle. Now you can use your own voice to get exactly what you desire. Love, power, wealth and success start with the ability to ask for what you want. The key is not what you ask for – but HOW. The Voiceplace Academy gives you this key.

It’s Only Natural to Sit on the Fence…

You know that something has to change.

Aren’t you tired of speaking in a low tone because you’re embarrassed by what you hear?

Don’t you wish that you were described as anything else but “soft spoken”?

Are you sick of being talked over and shouted down in conversations?

Let me give you something that will change your mind –

Along with your membership in the Voiceplace Academy, I will give access to the most comprehensive vocal training system available today.

I’m digging deep into my library of vocal weapons and am giving you cart-blanche access…

Here’s what you get:

The Perfect Voice Starter Pack

(4 Audio CDs):

This is the foundation of my vocal coaching arsenal. You’ll get the basics needed to see immediate improvements in your delivery and confidence. The CD’s also include daily warm-up lessons and vocal exercises.

starter pack

The Perfect Voice for Money and the Workplace

(1 Audio CD):

As you refine your voice, you will want to “take it out for a spin” in the workplace. This Audio CD will give you helpful tips and pointers to make sure you are ready for the spotlight at your next business meeting or presentation.

starter pack

The Perfect Voice for Love and relationships

(1 Audio CD):

I will show you new and exciting ways to energize your relationships by using your voice as the ultimate communication tool. You’ll discover:

How to attract your true love.

The secret to longer and more rewarding relationships.

How to get in the driver’s seat of your love life.

set your voice free

“Set Your Voice Free”, My Bestselling Book and Audio CD Package:

Carry this book in your briefcase as a quick reference to many of the techniques I will teach you. Plus, I’ve included some fun chapters that will tune up your singing voice. These are the exact same techniques that I used to coach The Beach Boys!

love your voice

One ticket to my signature “The Voice of Success LIVE” event

3-day Live Experiential Event + Online Master Course

  • Identify your different voice types and which one you SHOULD be using
  • Learn & develop the three voices of a master communicator
  • Connect with anyone by mastering the latest mirroring techniques
  • Showcase the very best of you are & discover your unlimited potential
love your voice

30+ Pre-recorded Group Calls with Roger plus one in-person coaching session with Roger in his Hollywood studio or via Skype


Say “I’m Ready to SOUND Like a Million Bucks”

Go ahead and shout it!

“I’m Ready to Sound Like a Million Bucks”…because you will within the next 30 Days – or you won’t have to pay me a dime.

Here’s what I’m saying –

I’m going to make your membership in the Voiceplace Academy Entirely Risk-FREE. My pledge to you is simple…

Commit to giving my training a try for 30 days. Listen to the material and bonuses. Then work with me to refine your voice into gold. If after 30 days you don’t hear a difference in the richness and range of your voice – send back the course materials and I will refund your money immediately.

I can’t be any fairer than that.

AND, I’ll Give You a $1,000 Fast Mover Rebate For Just Saying Maybe

As you can see, I’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this offer.

Here’s a quick tally of what’s I’ll be sending you –

What You Get Regular Price
The Perfect Voice Starter Pack, Online Program $99.95
The Perfect Voice for Money and the Workplace, Online Program $29.95
The Perfect Voice for Love and Relationships, Online Program $29.95
Set Your Voice Free, Revised Edition – My Bestselling Book and Member’s Only Online Audio Trainings $16.99
One ticket to my signature “The Voice of Success LIVE” event $997.00
30+ Pre-recorded Group Calls with Roger plus one in-person coaching session with Roger in his Hollywood studio or via Skype $9,200.00 Value


By ordering today you are getting over $4,000.00 worth of teaching and coaching.

But, you won’t need to invest that amount. In fact, for a limited time…

You can give yourself an instant $1,000 “Fast Mover” rebate. This means I will enroll you for a full year in the Voiceplace Academy and send you the complete Vocal Success System to you for just $1,997.

This is a tremendous deal. I normally charge over $3,000 a day – but you can get my personal attention on monthly calls, plus my flagship training materials for a complete year for just $1,997.

Remember, the entire System comes to you at zero risk. Go ahead and give the Voiceplace Academy a try. With my guarantee, you don’t even have to say yes – just maybe. See if it works for you – if not then just return the materials and I will refund your money – no questions asked.

But You Need To Hurry

I’m opening up just 72 membership spots in the Voice Academy. I need to restrict the number of members to insure that everyone gets my personal attention on the monthly calls. Membership spots do not open often – so I expect them to be snapped up quickly.

Unfortunately, once the spots are filled I am taking this offer off the website. No exceptions. If you wait too long to order you may get locked out.

Order now so you can lock in your $1,000 instant rebate and secure your spot in the Membership Academy.

Click the Order Button Below to get your order shipped to you by First Class Mail. Most orders will leave my offices within one business day so you can get started quickly.


Everything can change for you within days.

You can find the power to switch from a dead-end position to a 6 figure career path.

You can finally get the respect and admiration you deserve.

You can leave people wondering how you suddenly became the life of the party and the object of romantic speculation –

All of this comes from a voice that inspires.

You have the raw ingredients – let me turn them into gold.

Act Now,

Roger Love


P.S. Remember, I only have 72 spots available in the Voiceplace Academy. You need to move fast to secure your spot before they are all gone.

P.P.S. I’m proud of my students and I love celebrating their success. In the collomn to the right you can read a few notes I’ve received…

Still not convinced? If you are not ready to join Roger Love’s life changing online voice academy you can still get started with The Perfect Voice at www.theperfectvoice.com

  • 20 years of Love

    For over twenty years, Roger Love has been helping to build some of the successful talents in the entertainment and business worlds. His work with artists in the studio has resulted in over 100 million album sales worldwide.
    Several individuals have graciously agreed to share how Roger helped their careers with his remarkable vocal training techniques. Here's just a sampling of them.

  • Tony Robbins


    "Over the years, I have worked with more vocal coaches and tried more vocal techniques than I care to remember. It wasn't until I met Roger Love that I gained 100% certainty that my voice would perform the way I expect and need it to... you too have the opportunity to learn from a truly amazing vocal master."

    Anthony Robbins, author, Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

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  • Testimonials


    "I had never realized how much our ability to speak comfortably and correctly matter to our psyches and our effectiveness in communication."

    Suze Orman


    Tyra Banks is one of the most successful young woman in the entertainment world. From model to host to TV producer, she shines in each and every endeavor. A few years ago, Tyra came to Roger with another dream. She wanted to sing and record a CD. They worked together and that dream materialized. Tyra is just one more example of The Perfect Voice in action.


    "Roger Love has found a way to train tand free the heart, mind and spirit."

    John Gray, author, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

    sign up now!!successMarsguy

    "Roger...thank you for making my voice sound so beautiful"

    Reese Witherspoon

    The best investment I have ever made!

    I continue to say that this was the best investment I have ever made! Speaking has been the biggest impediment to my success and now that I have the best coach and program, I think the rest is starting to look like history. Slowly and steadily, I am beginning to make great progress and I can't wait to see what lies ahead of me. Thank you for your genuine desire to help many of us speak with confidence! When I see the transformation happening when you speak with people on stage, it inspires me to believe I am edging closer to my incredible voice. Thank you for making the speaking academy affordable, fun and inspiring.

    Mercy, CPA

    Totally Amazed After Only 5 Hours

    "I just purchased your lessons, which are fantastic. I have always had an Operatic voice and had trouble with the 'middle' part of my voice with popular tunes. I am having some trouble breathing only through the nose, as I am daily sinus sufferer. Already after 5 hours of reading and practice, a new world has opened to me. I am totally amazed! Thank you for helping me."

    Barbara Matscheg, Canada

    Changed His Life

    "I took vocal lessons when I was a kid and several other times over the years. It's astounding to me that none of those teachers ever had a clue what to do with me. I'm generally a very confident guy, except when it comes to my voice. Now I feel like I finally get it, and that it's all so simple. I appreciate you, and studying your methods has changed my life."

    Mark Schulman Motivational Speaker

    Equal to 10 Vocal Teachers

    "Thank you for being my new vocal coach. I've had many teachers in the past and none are as effective or fun as you. I would say that one Roger Love is equal to 10 other voice teachers. You are the best. You make me feel so excited about myself and the future. I offer you my most sincere and humble appreciation."

    Janice Laurenco Montreal, Canada


    "Roger time costs hundreds of dollars an hour, which means that the Perfect Voice comes to thousands of dollars worth of lessons on the CD's. If a person goes through each of the daily exercises, the program becomes invaluable, because Roger is there with you every day, doing the warm ups with you."

    Andy Forrest

    Recommends to Family and Friends

    "I listen to the CDs in my bedroom with headphones on. The program contains great information for the non-pro to help train your voice. The Perfect Voice program is clear, quick paced and thorough. I enjoyed them a lot. I know many friends and relatives who would benefit from this program to help them with their jobs and relationships."

    Eugenia Boyd Massage Therapist

    Clear and Simple

    "I listen to the Perfect Voice every day in my car. Roger shares a lot of valuable information, and he breaks down the concepts clearly and simply. Each CD illustrates the concepts of voice in well-defined building blocks so that I can quickly gain mastery to improve my voice."

    Y.L. Actor

    The Importance of Voice

    "I liked the way Roger explained his techniques. He discussed helpful information about how important the voice is. I enjoyed the breathing exercises. I think this program would be helpful to some people at work, and I will recommend it to anyone in sales."

    Martin Myers Account Manager

    Saw Improvement

    "I believe that if you train with the Perfect Voice, you can improve the sound and effect of your voice. I liked having the sense that by following this program, I could make observable improvement."

    Curt Wells Teacher

    Provides Basic Info

    "I listen to these CDs every day in my car. I tried the Perfect Voice because I wanted to improve my voice. It is a good learning experience, and I liked the basic information that it provided."

    Cyrus S., Sales Representative

    Easy to Listen and Follow

    "I listened to the entire program at home. I wanted to improve my own voice, and I liked the fact that this program was easy to listen to and follow. I would recommend this product to someone else, because people need to know their own voice."

    S. Madhav Actor

    sign up now!!successMarsguy

    "In politics, show business, or life in general, communication is the key to success. For anyone who wants to speak more effectively, Roger Love is the man to hear and learn from."

    Fred Thompson, former US senator, prosecutor, actor

    Dear Roger,

    You really do have something to share. I had tears of hope in my eyes at the BB conference in San Francisco, for the first time in at least 6 years. Honestly, I told my husband that the visit with you on the phone when you had me sing with you was worth the whole cost of the program.

    I know you are busy, just wanted to grab a second to say I appreciate your sharing your gift with me.

    Academy Member, Terri O.

    Changed My Life

    The information you shared last night was priceless to me. Thank you again for the amazing magic you bring to a whole world of listeners, singers and speakers. In friendship,

    Academy Member, Lori B.

    Skills You Built Into Me

    I want to tell you how much you have changed my life. You caring, encouragement, and friendship have been a subtle and needed gentle force moving me to become a better person. Then there are the skills you have built into me. I thank you multiple times a day for the secret force you have developed in me. If people could only understand how the techniques you teach are life changing, not just voice changing. Thank you so much for these skills which are allowing me to speak my message at levels I can’t even believe. In friendship,

    Academy Member, Tim G.